Mohebullah Archiwal, Afghanistan’s Shahid Afridi, promoting cricket as a weapon of peace

Mohebullah Archiwal was born in war-torn Afghanistan and, according to Jarrod Kimber write for ESPNcricinfo’s, “Archie” was simply fascinated by the battle between bat and ball. In the country that constantly threatens the Taliban who relinquishes fascination, cricket is a luxury. But that did little to intimidate the boy who had to face the wrath of a Taliban patrol officer simply because he heard Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwar who took India at will during the 1996 World Cup. Radio was broken and instantly he did not hear listen to Venkatesh Prasad destroy the wood of Sohail and a few million hearts in Pakistan later in the day.

Despite threats, lack of equipment and fear of being exploited, the game of knights prevailed Marawara village in the province of Kunar, where Archie comes into play. Rudimentary objects that resembled a bat and wrapped around a round object to tell him a ball, Archie wanted to play and promote cricket. What looked like a field was actually a wheat farm leased to one of the locals, but it would not be a permanent solution. The Taliban also began putting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in their “stadiums.” Normally, to check these items before the start of a game, Archie simply could not be prevented from playing cricket in a bold way.

After all, he idolized Shahid Afridi and the extravagance of the former captain of Pakistan simply heightened his spirits. The unstable and dazzling nature of Afridi to counter the opposition has attracted millions of fans around the world, including Archie.Archie joined the US Army as a translator, invited officials to play cricket with the local children and tried to pump money in their home village after countries like India, Germany and America invested in Afghan cricket. According to Archie, he was called to a selection to represent his nation, where the selectors had asked him for money in return. A quick refusal to fall on the line meant he was excluded.

However, it has never been on the back foot. He had a special taste for his cousin Farman, who, according to the people, was as distempered and fearful as Archie. In the absence of a friend, Farman would soon be the one who would deliver his love letters, stumble and so on. But the association failed for a long time. The Taliban was successful. It was such a fateful morning that Archie had not checked the FDI at his house and just when Farman left, Kick erased everything that was his cousin, but a finger. The damage was irreparable. His services in the United States helped him apply for a special immigrant visa and, unlike most, had to wait six months before approval.

Archie Currently lives and works on Kansas International Rescue Committee during the day and goes around schools, churches and surrounding communities to spread the word about cricket with some Edward Fox who has a small cricket field. However, he did not live the dream of A American yet. The harsh reality still saves him money and sent him back to Marawara where he wants to build a cricket ground. He has little contact with his family at home, but he simply wants them to embrace the game of knights and live happily.

Australia unlikely to tour Pakistan any time soon, says James Sutherland

Pakistan may have celebrated the “return of cricket” in their country after successfully organizing the first two games of their three-game series against the International Cricket Council (ICC) World International XI, but there is still much to do equipment to shoot. Zimbabwe had visited Pakistan amid strong security in 2015 and Lahore became a stronghold for the current Independence Cup, which is currently at 1-1 with one more game left. Lanka for a T20I later this year, but with regard to Australia, the chance of their travel team is not considered at this time.

It is interesting to note that up to three Australians – former captain George Bailey, Tim Paine and Ben Cutting – are in the ICC World XI squad, whose participation marks the return of cricket in Pakistan. Even if Australia and Pakistan do not have to play in the next year and a half – with the Asian team playing a full series last summer Down Under – Australia hopes that the next series will be played in the United Arab Emirates. Certainly from Pakistan’s point of view, I really hope they can get into a situation where they can welcome international cricket again on a more regular basis, “said James Sutherland, CEO of Cricket Australia (CA), quoted by The Canberra Times.

“At the same time, we will take a cautious cautious approach to safety, and we will not compromise the safety and security of our employees.” We only consider security issues in a country when we have to go. And when this country advises us the privileged place to welcome us. We will cross this bridge when we get there, “said Sutherland.Mr. Nashland confirmed that Australia was waiting for their next round against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).” I have no indication that they are looking to play matches against us in Pakistan I hope they are in the United Arab Emirates. “