Month: September 2017

Virat Kohli turns down multi-crore sponsorship deal. Here’s why

Virat Kohli’s strict fitness regime has led to drastic changes in the team, as his work ethic and his insistence on being at the top of his physical condition have responded to others. Kohli, whose personal game largely depends on the blows played on the floor and accumulating flowing with strong and fast as well as double singles, even pushed some of his teammates to the brink of exhaustion, ask Kedar Jadhav.

Under Kohli’s captain, fitness tests for those attempting to return to the side have become more severe. Virat Kohli had already told The Hindu that he would never ask his players to do something he can not do first and that he stays in line with his belief, the Indian captain has now rejected a multi-crore offer to promote a drink gassed

“First I’m convinced that I can do it and only then do I ask my teammates to go,” said Kohli. “If I’m not going to consume such things, I’m not going to invite others to consume, just because I’m throwing money in. When I started my fitness adjustment, it was before it’s all a matter of lifestyle.

“If something goes away from that, I do not want to be part of it or promote it,” Kohli said in an earlier interview. Kohli attributes the drastic change he has undergone with the help and guidance of Shankar Basu, with whom he worked on the configuration of the Indian team and the franchise Indian Premier League (IPL) Royal Challengers Bangalore.

In an interview with last year, Basu revealed the strictness of Virat Kohli about his work ethic in the gym and his diet chart. “Virat will never question him once he is convinced of his methods.” I found an athlete who was ready to go through grinding and to work consistently whenever needed. good with your nutrition plans and discipline factors.

He also made many changes in his lifestyle. Congratulations to him. “There are many players in the Indian team who are looking for excellence and Virat Kohli is the first driver. It is just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to come.

“Virat is an excellent model in terms of approaching his game, lifestyle, nutrition and training, inspiring many people around him, making my job much easier because it motivates others while I am forced to do my job “he added.

Shikhar Dhawan absence gives Australian cricket team advantage: Ashton Agar

Australia began its 48-hour mentality games ahead of the ODI series marches on the Indian side claiming an advantage after Shikhar Dhawan left the first three games for personal reasons. (INDIA’S COMPLETE COVERAGE AGAINST AUSTRALIA)

With two centuries against Australia and an average of 44.71, Shikhar Dhawan is expected to propel India early in debut with its longtime partner ODI Rohit Sharma. “Shikhar is in good shape, so he does not play is positive for us,” Ashton Agar told a news conference in Chennai on Friday.

The withdrawal of Shikhar Dhawan left the Indian team management thinking of last minute changes to what was considered a higher order. This also means that India had Axar Patel as the only recognized left hitter, which makes the Australian bowling strategy a bit easier.

“Yes, he (left-right combination) can make things difficult, in which case the balloons swing in a particular direction, making it difficult for the Shikhar field team.) It is an advantage for us, we have to go for the best and see what combination they have established, “said Agar.

MA Chidambaram step in the warm-up game earlier this week has helped the spinners, but it remains to be seen if Australia will put two clues in the first ODI. Hagar was insecure. “It all depends on the wicket Adam (Zampa) is obviously the first spinner on the team and really upset in these conditions in the IPL and previous rounds.

It’s clear that it will start, “said Agar, adding,” If the wicket stays (good), I think there might be a chance (for me). “Ashton Agar said that the Zampa and Yuzvendra Chahal spinning spinners could have an impact on this series since they should not depend on the terrain to extract the return.

“These are truly valuable assets, they can turn the ball around, and when it’s a night, it’s hard to pick the wrong one, they’re really good players and they’re exciting options for the team, they can be difficult to get out of,” he said.

Make security measures must for schools recognition: Governor to Manish Sisodia

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notice to all affiliated schools this week setting guidelines to ensure the safety of a child on school premises. A day later, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal ordered the Delhi government to adopt security measures and mandatory standards for schools. He also called on Delhi police to drop verification charges so schools are encouraged to make basic checks on their staff. The problem is that these movements were precipitated by the murder of a seven-year-old student at a private school in Gurgaon and the rape of another child at a school in Gandhinagar Delhi. These reactionary responses appear to be the standard mode of operation in most cases.

Involve parents

Priyank Kanoongo, a member of the TEN and Education of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR), said that the incidents were not endemic to a given region but indicated a “national crisis”. A student was found murdered in Ranchi. A student drowned in a swimming pool in Bhopal. Such incidents occur everywhere, in urban and rural schools. But there is more in private schools because there is a lack of vigilance, “said Kanoongo. One of the main reasons for this, he said, is the lack of parental involvement in private schools, which impacts responsibility. According to the TEN, the formation of a school management committee (SMC) is compulsory for public schools, but private schools are exempt.

This means that about 73% of schools in India have MSC, while others do not. And most schools that do not have MSCs are private schools, “he said.” But as a result of recent incidents, many schools involve parents on committees set up to improve safety. ” We have repeatedly suggested parents’ suggestions about safety but later, parents are still anxious, so we decided to include some parents in our safety committee. Many have agreed to visit the school regularly to ensure that safety is in place and we have agreed to reach a conclusion about it, “said Rohan Bhat, director of the Malad Children’s Academy in Mumbai.

Clamping protocol

The CBSE guidelines have forced schools to restrict access to their buildings and supervise visitors. Ludhiana schools, such as BCM Arya High School and the local branch of Ryan International School, have begun issuing ID cards to parents. do not let our students leave unless it is with a person who has a valid parental identity card or with people who have been authorized by the parents, “said SK Bhattacharya, secretary of Bal Bharati Public School in Delhi and chair of the School Action.

One of the guidelines and suggestions of most law enforcement agencies is staff verification to verify criminal records. Police sources said the suspect in the student murder of the Gurgaon branch of Ryan International School was hired without verification. Investigations suggest that the suspect, Ashok Kumar, was dismissed from his previous job at a private school in his village of Ghamroj because of suspicious behavior.

Fixation of surveillance

The CBSE guidelines include the direction to ensure that vulnerable and isolated parts of a school are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras, but officials believe it is easier said than done. “At the Bal Bharti Public School in Pitampura, we have 300 cameras of this type in every corner of the school, but how many schools will be able to pay for it?” Bhattacharya.CCTV said by itself may not be enough, as cases of abuse, such as Ryan’s murder, are carried out in areas that are in blind surveillance places, such as the toilet. Parents in many schools have sought help from children’s health facilities.

In addition to campus safety, concerns also concern when children are on school buses. Some of the suggestions in this regard include hiring a woman who will be in a school vehicle at all times. However, the additional expense of an additional employee could be a deterrent. The school, like Bal Bharti, found a way out. “We’re really looking to get female directors, so we can do it with a staff rather than both,” Bhattacharya said.

Go forward

While these measures are intended to provide immediate relief, a major review of policies and day-to-day practices may be necessary to ensure the long-term safety of students. “One of the first things is to involve more parents in school, and leaders must also be empowered to manage because they are generally more sensitive to problems.” Teachers are the best way to reach out to students, and they need to be properly trained and sensitized, “said Kanoongo of NCPCR.” Monitoring remains crucial. “District education officers must be empowered and have access to private schools as well “he added.

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Peter Handscomb added to Australia squad in India as cover for Aaron Finch

Peter Handscomb was transported to India as a blanket to open drummer Aaron Finch after the latter had worsened his calf injury during training in Chennai. Aaron Finch was excluded from the start of the game – possibly for the first three contests – of the five-game ODI series starting Sunday.

According to, Aaron Finch will stay with the Australian team in India, as tourists hope they can participate in the series at some point. Finch suffered a calf injury about six weeks ago in England for the Surrey team.

Analysis of Finch’s calf revealed that he will miss the start of the five-game ODI series starting Sunday in Chennai, followed by a series of three T20I games. The injury had kept Finch away from the only warm-up match on this tour as well.

Peter Handscomb arrived in Melbourne on the Australian Bangladesh tour for a two-round series recently and will head to India on Saturday to be available for his pick in the first ODI should be played on Sunday.

Australian team Alex physionien Kountouris said: “Aaron has again aggravated the pre-existing calf injury during the warm-up, during training yesterday I had analyzed in Chennai and although we believe it. It is not a serious recurrence, it will not be available for the first one-day games here in India and will stay with the team while we evaluate the injury and set their return to meet deadlines. ”

Finch had a rich experience playing Cricket Limited in India which also includes his IPL experience for teams like Delhi, Mumbai Rash Indians, Hyderabad Sunrisers, Rajasthan Royals and Pune Warriors India. He played a total of 14 ODIs against India, six of which were out of the games.

Peter Handscomb made his ODI debut for Australia against Pakistan in Perth earlier this year, scoring 82. He was also part of the exhausted Australian national team sent to New Zealand for the ODI series, which also holds in two games.

Although batter Hilton Cartwright played the prep game instead of Finch, and made the announcement about the addition of Handscomb, Australia had reported that Travis Head would occupy the No. 4 position.

In the absence of regular bus coach Darren Lehmann David Saker confirmed that there are some days when the head was hit at No. 4. The head can also be a handy turner for visitors.

“I hope he can do it, he just seems to be getting better every time he plays for Australia, which is really positive.” His training ethic is as good as he would be, so it’s a good reward for him, “Saker said before Peter Handscomb was added to the ODI team.