How is Indira Canteen different from Amma canteen?

How is Indira Canteen different from Amma canteen?

Vice President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi Wednesday launched “Indira cantina”, a flagship program of the Karnataka Government, which provide food at subsidized prices.

Canteen serving lunch and dinner for 10 people and breakfast for Rs 5.
The Siddaramaiah government announced the establishment of Indira soup kitchens in the state budget for 2017-2018, apparently taking a photo of Amma “eaters” in Tamil Nadu, which was presented by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

Congratulating the Karnataka government for this initiative, Rahul tweeted: “Indira canteen is another step towards the commitment” Food for all “Karnataka Congress I commend the government for this initiative ..”

He also said that it was designed to ensure that no one in Bangalore is hungry. Leaders, including Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Congressional Secretary-General in charge of state KC Venugopal, state party unit chief G Parameshwara and Minister KJ George, Bangalore’s chief, were present at the event.

In 2013, J Jayalalithaa announced the establishment of a long-funded chain of highly subsidized restaurants in Tamil Nadu called “Amma’Canteen” to help economically disadvantaged sectors of society.

The dining room is very popular for restaurants and serves cheap “Pongal” and samber for Rs 5, idli for Re 1. For lunch, they serve lemon rice or curry rice for Rs 5. “The canteen also provides for chapattis , Rice and side dish sourdough for Rs 3 to Rs 5 sambar rice.

Rahul Gandhi, Indira canteen, Cantina difference Amma between the canteen and Indira Amma, Bangalore, Siddramaiah, Amma canteen is popular for restaurants and serves cheap “Pongal” and samber for Rs 5, idli for Re 1.

Amma cantina has gained not only popularity in Tamil Nadu but throughout the country as an ideal example of social systems.

Rahul Gandhi, Indira canteen, canteen difference between Amma Amma Indira and canteen, Bangalore, Siddramaiah, the scheme generated also resulted in the intervention of a large number of women who were needed to cook and clean. (Source: Rakesh Reddy)

Following its success, Jayalalithaa also launched projects such as subsidized salt, mineral water and cement, all under the Amma brand.
Indira canteen

The Indira dining rooms serve breakfast for Rs 5 and lunch and dinner for Rs 10. Initially, will open 101 dining rooms. More will be opened in 97 theaters on October 2 for the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. An amount of Rs 100 million rupees has been planned in the budget to install these dining rooms in at least 198 Bangalore Mahanagara Palike rooms.

Rahul Gandhi said the canteen focuses on the working class, such as construction workers and auto-rickshaw drivers. He also said that the intention of this initiative is that the quality of food and cleanliness should be identical to that of the more expensive restaurants in Bangalore.

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